A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

EndCycle is an Action RPG, with a skill based combat system and a focus on letting the player develop their own combat style.

It features a unique world with a rich background story and a plot that concentrates on the relationships between the characters in it.

In EndCycle you can progress through the world at your own pace, seeing as YOU can actively search, engage or avoid enemies at any time!

Battle against others! Create a killer strategy and become the very best!
Join our discord community to find people to battle!

Demo is now available for free: 
Complete with the entire prologue chapter of the game! Face off Noises in the post-story area "Dream Garden" and beat all the missions!

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Install instructions


  • Unzip the .zip file and start EndCycle.exe


  1. Make sure you have java installed (sudo apt-get install default-jre)
  2. Open the .jar file using the command java -jar EndCycle.jar


EndCycle - Linux 199 kB
EndCycle - Windows 40 MB

Development log


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The update's great so far! :) I mostly checked out the changes in the tutorial map, but I'll definitely be exploring the Dream Garden more. I like how you guys gave each tutorial fight a new theme this go around, and the surprise boss fight at the end was a pleasant one! :D There's still this weird inverse control thing that happens if you use a PS4 controller instead of an Xbox controller, but I'm not sure if that's something that can really be fixed or not. It won't impede play for anyone just now popping onto this game: simply go into the control options with your keyboard and mouse and just inverse the controls that way. Definitely worth playing with a controller!

For anyone curious enough to compare the changes or to preview the combat system, I've got a video here for you. Definitely planning on making another when I explore the dream garden a bit!